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Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy For Suicide / Suicidal Thinking in Bristol



Quick Facts About Suicidal Thinking


  • Life problems can lead to intense emotions and lead to suicidal feelings, at other times suicidal individuals don't know why they feel the way they do.
  • Suicidal individuals may be experiencing a number of symptoms or problems.


  • Over three quarters of suicides are male.
  • Rest assured that psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help to resolve suicidal feelings.



More Information About Suicidal Thinking



Suicide is the act of intentionally taking your own life. According to the Samaritans suicide is on the rise in the UK with male suicide rates at their highest since 2001. Suicide figures show that more than three quarters of suicides are enacted by males. While both males and females are capable of suicide, males are especially vulnerable due to their tendency to withdraw and isolate themselves rather than seek help for emotional matters.





"Suicide figures show that more than three quarters of suicides are enacted by males."





Many people, for differing reasons, can get to a point where suicide seems like the best or only option. Let me state this plainly as someone who was, at one time, suicidal, it’s not, a better life is possible for you when you gently and systematically work through the shit that’s currently messing you up.



Many people get to a suicidal state because they feel, stuck, trapped, helpless, or hopeless. However the fact is that you won’t always feel like this. I know this for two reasons. The first is that if you work through even a small part of what’s going on in your life you’ll feel a corresponding improvement in your mood. The second is that the nature of life is change, nothing is permanent, and that includes feelings.



Some suicidal individuals don’t know why they feel the way they do. They experience chronic stress, anxiety, or depression without understanding why they feel so fucked-up inside. Fortunately therapy can help you understand and make sense of what’s happening and overcome all of those negative and distressing feelings. At other times, specific life-stressors are responsible for the intense and conflicting feelings that people can experience.



Experiences that might trigger suicidal thoughts:





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It may be helpful for you to also check out my Sequential Psychotherapy website as it explains in simple terms how I work and how various problems can occur or develop into significant symptoms, problems, or issues.



Can Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy Help Suicidal People?



If you’re feeling suicidal, or you’re looking for help for someone you know who is suicidal, please allow me to reassure you that help is at hand. Most people overcome the suicidal impulse with the right support and treatment plan. Not only that, but once the underlying issues are successfully resolved most people experience life anew and better than ever before.





"Most people overcome the suicidal impulse with the right support and treatment plan."





Having worked with a number of suicidal people I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and I feel incredibly passionate about helping people like you make sense of what’s happening, feel better about yourself, and feel more in control. Depending on our life experiences, circumstances, and life pressures, any one of us can feel suicidal when we feel overwhelmed, hopeless, in despair, or out of control.



Why don’t you get in touch and book your FREE initial consultation and join me at The Bristol Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic or online via Skype for warm brew and a chat about what’s going on. A lovely chap came across my website while he stood at the edge of a cliff contemplating whether or not to jump. He practically emailed me right there and then. A nice guy with a lot going on in his life, he had this to say about our time together:



I came to Seb at a very low point in my life, having already visited a counsellor. That didn’t work out for me as I didn’t feel the person was equipped - your counsellor shouldn’t break down in tears as you tell your tale…. Anyway, clearly I was meant to find Seb as I immediately felt more of a connection and felt that he was the right guy, in the right place, and for the right reasons. Over the weeks he helped steady me and get me into a place where I could cope and get back on with life. I haven't looked back since. I really cannot speak highly enough of Seb, he is a genuinely lovely person. Many thanks Seb.



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