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Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Self-Esteem Issues / Low Self-Esteem in Bristol



Quick Facts About Self-Esteem Issues



  • Self-esteem is how you value yourself.
  • Your self-esteem affects nearly every area of your life.
  • Self-esteem is a major component in many other symptoms and problems.
  • Rest assured that psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be effective at helping you overcome self-esteem issues and build self-confidence.



More Information about Self-Esteem Issues



In its simplest form self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It could be thought of as how you evaluate your own self-worth. Self-esteem therefore can have a profound effect on almost every area of your life. Low self-esteem can be life-limiting and so taking steps to address it can have a powerful transformative effect on the quality of your life. Incidentally, low self-esteem is a key component in many symptoms and problems that people consult me for help with, such as:





It’s not uncommon for people who experience low self-esteem to think of it as a permanent trait, an integral and unchangeable part of who they are. As someone who used to suffer from chronic low self-esteem in the past I can reassure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to the popular belief just mentioned, self-esteem can and does change when you know how.



Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence



The terms self-esteem and self-confidence could be used interchangeably because they are so closely related. Sufferers of low self-esteem or poor self-image may shy away from opportunities and avoid situations that could benefit their lives. Self-esteem can affect your belief in yourself leading to anxieties about test and exams, dating, public speaking, and many other forms of performance anxiety.



How Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Can Help You Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem



Self-esteem, rather than being an innate part of who you are, is learned, usually in childhood, and once the ball starts rolling it gets perpetually reinforced throughout your life. In this regard, self-esteem is a belief system, as opposed to a character trait. Like most beliefs systems it can be fairly robust and hard to disbelieve once you believe it! Fortunately however both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy are effective processes for stopping the ball rolling and helping you start rolling it in the other direction!



If you’d like me to guide you through the steps to overcoming low self-esteem and building positive self-regard and self-confidence why don’t you get in touch to book your FREE initial consultation and join me at The Bristol Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic or over Skype for a chat about your situation and I’ll tailor a treatment plan to help you get to where you want to be.



I totally understand that when you have low self-esteem you can feel anxious about even picking up the phone to call a therapist, never mind turn up for a consultation! Fear, self-doubt, feelings of guilt and shame, social anxiety, and the worry that you’re just being silly, are all common features of low self-esteem. So allow me to reassure you that you’re OK, and if you feel that life could be better I’d be honoured to help you through the steps to making it happen.



Meeting Seb has been a very worthwhile experience. He is down to earth, easy to engage with, and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He quickly understood how he could help me and I found the process very rewarding and fulfilling. My time spent with him has led to great results.



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