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Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety in Bristol



Quick Facts About Performance Anxiety



  • Performance anxiety is a common problem people seek help with.
  • While everybody can experience performance nerves and exam or test nerves they become a problem when they prevent you from doing what you want to do.
  • In some situations performance nerves are straight-forward, in other situations performance nerves may be a symptom of other issues, such as social anxiety or low self-esteem.
  • Rest assured that both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be highly effective at helping you overcome your performance nerves.



More Information About Performance Anxiety



Performance anxiety is a perfectly natural issue that many people can experience. Performance nerves become an issue however when they get so bad that they severely inhibit your ability to carry out a task or role that you want or need to fulfil.


Performance anxiety is a common problem that can be experienced by everybody at different times of their life. Alternatively it may be entirely dependent on a specific circumstance or set of circumstances. Often people experiencing performance anxiety or test nerves beat themselves up for ‘not being good enough’. In reality, people often have different reasons for feeling the way they do, such as negative past experiences, a history of anxiety, social anxiety, or low self-esteem, or there are high demands and expectations placed on them by themselves or others. Fortunately psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be effective at helping you overcome your performance nerves.



Common situations that provoke performance anxiety:



  • Academic exams
  • Job interviews
  • Driving tests
  • A new job or work position
  • A public speaking engagement
  • Sexual or dating situations
  • Artistic / creative performances
  • Sports performances
  • Getting married
  • Situations that involve conflict or confrontation



Performance anxiety can cause, or be caused by, many other symptoms or problems such as:





Sufferers may also experience panic attacks, or a whole host of symptoms related to stress. So whether you're looking to overcome driving test nerves or public speaking nerves, or your anxiety about a test or exam is preventing you from focusing, or you simply want to increase your self-confidence, therapy can help you overcome hurdles and achieve your goals.



Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety and Exam Nerves in Bath



As mentioned previously, many people who experience performance nerves or performance anxiety beat themselves up for being ‘weak’ or ‘not god enough’, thinking, “What’s wrong with me, I should be better than this”. Having successfully helped many people through their performance anxiety I can safely say that there’s nothing wrong with you! Overcoming your performance nerves often involves understanding the unconscious psychological or emotional causes of your anxiety. Everyone can experience anxiety or social anxiety at different times for different reasons, non of which, you'll be glad to hear, have anything to do with there being anything wrong with you.



If you’re keen to overcome your performance nerves and anxiety why don’t you get in touch and join me for a FREE initial consultation at The Bristol Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic or online over Skype so we can discuss your situation in privacy and comfort. Together we’ll work towards empowering you to give a successful performance this time and every time.



When I first went to see Sebastian I need to admit I was very sceptical and thought a couple of things. Firstly, "This is daft, I’m stronger than this" and mainly, "Damn I’ve officially flipped, I’m going to a psychotherapist!!"


I was completely put at ease and soon we got to the bottom of why I was feeling the way I was. I’ve not only regained control of my life but now have the tools to deal with anything that comes my way. Sometimes we just need someone to help join the dots and Seb did great for me. If it worked for a sceptic like me it can honestly work for everyone. Great guy, great service, you are immediately put at ease, I highly recommend seeing Seb if you need to get yourself back on track or can't see the track at all.



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