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Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Obsessions & Obsessive Thinking (Pure 'O') in Bristol



Quick Facts About Obsessions & Obsessive Thinking



  • Obsessing involves persistent brooding and ruminating over a particular idea.
  • Obsessions typically involve fear and anxiety or a strong desire for control.
  • Obsessions can be highly stressful and debilitating.
  • Rest assured that psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be effective at resolving obsessive thinking and obsessional tendencies.



More Information About Obsessions & Obsessive Thinking



An obsession is a persistent, recurrent thought or behaviour pattern, one that's usually subject to some degree of tunnel vision or distortion in perspective, and that is usually accompanied by worry and anxiety. Occasionally the individual experiencing the obsession is aware that there is some distortion in their thinking, at other times the person is totally unaware.



Sometimes sufferers of obsessions say, "I don't know why, and I know it's a bit daft really, but my head just keeps returning to the same thought/fear over and over again." Behind most obsessions is the idea that something is threatening or potentially dangerous in some way. The obsession often centres on something that feels completely out of control.





"Behind most obsessions is the idea that something is threatening or potentially dangerous in some way. The obsession often centres on something that feels completely out of control."





At other times obsessions centre on themes of perfectionism; doing things the 'right' way, or taking things to extremes, as is often the case with eating disorders or body dysmorphic disorder. At other times obsessions are more like fixations, and may involve fixations on people such as celebrities or an unrequited love, or fixations on ideas and concepts such as 'sin' or hygiene.



People with obsessive tendencies may find it hard to shrug things off or let things go in the same way that other people might. They may also feel a strong need to check things like emails and texts over and over again before sending, and they may exhibit a degree fastidiousness in everything that they do that causes them to take an inordinate length of time to do things, or to place 'rules' above 'fun', even during games that are intended to be playful.



When you experience obsessional tendencies you tend to brood, ruminate, and worry to a large degree about most things. While some obsessions are highly specific, most people who experience obsessive thoughts and behaviours experience it as a global phenomenon, almost like a personality trait. Often the obsessive trait is referred to as Pure 'O', an informal designation that implies a form of OCD without the compulsive part. However I view the drive to obsess as a natural instinctive response of our survival instincts that is triggered by an as yet unresolved stress trigger.



Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Obsessions & Obsessive Thinking in Bristol and on Skype



For more information about the role of stress in the creation of symptoms I invite you to explore my Sequential Psychotherapy website, which has an informative video and an in-depth explanation of how your symptoms can be resolved. Obsessions can be highly debilitating and life-limiting. Fortunately when the right therapeutic approach is used we can bring about a natural resolution to your symptoms.



You are warmly invited to get in touch and book your FREE initial consultation and join me at The Bristol Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic or online via Skype for a friendly chat about what's been happening and what steps we can take to help.



I would encourage anybody who is struggling with an issue to go and see Seb. He really helped me a lot to change my outlook on life and become a much more positive person and be more aware of my self. Not only did this help with the issue i consulted him for, but also my day to day life. If your not sure, I would encourage you to go and see him and you will be glad you did.



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