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Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy for Compulsive Behaviour Patterns in Bristol



Quick Facts About Compulsive Behaviour Patterns



  • Compulsive behaviour often follows a very common repetitive pattern.
  • Sufferers often feel a lot of guilt and shame about their behaviour and aim to keep it secret.
  • Compulsions may include such things as compulsive eating, drinking, or bulimia, compulsive exposing of the genitals (flashing), certain forms of cross-dressing, or compulsive lying or cheating.
  • Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be effective at treating compulsive behaviour patterns.



More Information About Compulsive Behaviour



Do you find yourself repeating a behaviour that you’d really like to stop but feel you have no control over and no power to change? No matter how many times you’ve tried to stop you keep doing it? If so then it’s quite likely you’re experiencing a compulsive behaviour pattern.



I refer to it as a behaviour pattern because there is a definite nature to compulsive or repetitive behaviours that all sufferers will no doubt be very familiar with. I call this pattern the compulsion cycle.



The Compulsion Cycle






A compulsive behaviour is one which you feel you have no control over, that brings considerable feelings of guilt and shame (and is frequently kept secret and done in private). Often people can experience compulsive behaviour patterns for years, even decades before they decide to do anything about it. This is usually for three reasons:



  1. When you are experiencing a compulsive cycle you tend to be in denial about it. You find it relatively easy to compartmentalise it and brush it under the carpet and forget about it...until the next time!
  3. The compulsive behaviour brings you a sense of relief. Even though you wish you didn't do it, you worry how you’d cope without it.
  5. You feel guilt and shame about the behaviour and would rather keep it a secret. You also fear that you can't be helped and that you are just weird and there's something fundamentally wrong with you.



Please let me reassure you that these are common features experienced by all people who are caught in a compulsive cycle and so you have absolutely nothing to fear about discussing your situation with me. I recently worked with a lovely young lady who took a whole six sessions to tell me what her compulsion was! That's how much shame individuals can experience in relation to their compulsive behaviour! Another client had managed to keep their compulsion secret from their partner for over 40 years! Compulsive behaviours tend to come with a deep expectation of humiliation or rejection so rest assure that I will accept you and treat you with dignity.



Compulsive behaviours patterns can take many forms or involve many different things such as:



  • Compulsive eating
  • Compulsive drinking
  • Compulsive spending
  • Compulsive gambling
  • Compulsive nail biting
  • Compulsive skin picking or hair pulling
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Compulsive stealing
  • Compulsive cheating



There are many more, however these tend to be the most common compulsions that people struggle with. Other types of compulsions might include flashing, certain forms of cross-dressing, and bulimia nervosa. Compulsive behaviours are often a sign of unresolved emotional issues that can be safely and successfully treated in therapy.



Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for Compulsions and Compulsive Behaviour in Bristol



It’s important to understand that a compulsive behaviour pattern isn’t a sign that you are crazy or that there is some sort of weakness in your character. Please rest assured that both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can be effective at resolving your compulsive behaviour cycle. Also allow me to reassure you that all issues are dealt with in a compassionate, non-judgemental way.



If you're looking for help for a behaviour that you can't seem to control why don't you get in touch and book your FREE initial consultation and join me at The Bristol Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic or online via Skype for a friendly chat about your symptoms in privacy and comfort and we'll begin the process of putting you back in control.



The decision I made to work on my issues with Seb is perhaps the best and most important decision that I've made in my life to date. That might sound dramatic but after completing my therapy journey with him, I find that I am a very different, more focused, more honest, and more positive version of myself. I am truly proud of what I have achieved and I couldn't have done it without Seb. I would absolutely recommend Seb to anyone who wants to deal with any issue that they have - he is warm, engaging, enthusiastic, genuine and above all, very easy to confide in. I will never look back and the future is bright.



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