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Session Fees



My session fees are £60 per session - therapy sessions typically last one hour and occur on a weekly basis, however alternative arrangements can be made to accommodate your circumstances, such as spacing sessions out to spread the cost or suit your work commitments.



All fees are payable in cash or cheque at the end of each appointment. Please be aware that you will be charged for missed sessions or late arrivals. Sessions cancelled a reasonable time in advance will not be charged.



The initial consultation is free of charge and lasts approximately one hour. Please be aware that times may vary however depending on the complexity of your case. After your initial consultation you are under no obligation to commence treatment with me - it simply gives us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.



If you have any questions or would like to book your free initial consultation you can get in touch here and I will be glad to help.



I started seeing Seb after three psychologists had tried and failed to help me solve out where I was going wrong. I had given up with the thought of someone being able to help me but my sister was the one who refused to give up and contacted Seb.


 The sequential therapy treatment was brilliant. I could relate to every session and it all made sense. As the weeks went on I could piece together why I was feeling the way I was. I felt comfortable with Seb right away, which was not the case with the previous therapist I had seen. After every session I felt very thankful that my sister set up the consultation because of how I came out the meetings feeling a feeling I hadn’t had in years! I couldn't recommend Seb and his Bristol Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Clinic enough because I’m confident he has changed my life. Thanks again, Seb.



 S.L. - Depression & Social Anxiety







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