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Hi there, welcome to my website, thanks for taking the time to look around. On this page I wanted to give you a bit of information about me so you can get a feel for who I am.



I totally understand that when you’re looking at different people’s websites it’s often not the amount of letters someone has after their name or how much they big themselves up that counts, the deciding factors are often, “What do they look like?" and, "Do I feel I could talk to them?”



As I mentioned on the home page, when seeking a therapist you want to find someone who you seem to connect with, which can be difficult at times, because therapists tend to be a bit funny looking! Present company included. Throughout this website I’ve aimed to give you a clear impression of who I am so that you can get a sense of whether you feel comfortable working with me. Unfortunately I am a bit of a geek, I do have a crap sense of homour, and I do swear more than I should, but that’s mainly because I’m from Yorkshire.



Why I Became a Therapist...



In my mid-twenties I had a life-changing experience when, after far too much procrastination, I finally dragged myself in to see a therapist. As an artist at the time my day-to-day life was a struggle. Like many artists and creatives I was anxious, depressed, cripplingly introverted, and drank too much to make up for it. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Someone from Yorkshire was an artist?!” I was indeed! Initially I felt ashamed of needing help but I left the experience thinking, “Why the hell did I put it off for so long?!”



The thing that amazed me most was that there were people in the world who knew how to sort these things out; people who possess knowledge and skills that can dramatically improve the course of your life and the way you feel about yourself. Yet for some reason people feel bad about going to see them! Why? If you wanted to get in shape you wouldn’t feel bad about consulting a dietician or a personal trainer, so why should you feel bad about wanting to improve your psychological or emotional fitness? It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself!





"If you wanted to get in shape you wouldn’t feel bad about consulting a dietician or a personal trainer, so why should you feel bad about wanting to improve your psychological or emotional fitness? It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself!"





After that positive experience I became fascinated by neuroscience and psychology and wanted to learn everything I could about psychology and emotions and the causes of symptoms and behaviour so that I could do my bit to help other people. I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I've since been able to work with clients from around the world, both at my office in Bristol and online via Skype, and I've had the privilege of working with a wide range of people from professional footballers and Bollywood actresses to medical practitioners and people in the services. It would be a honour for me to be able to help you too - successful therapy opens the door to a greater experience of life.



Through my training, research, and clinical work I came to realise that current therapy models could be greatly improved by refining and combing them in such a way as to honour the complex neurobiological processes that underpin our experience. As a result I developed Sequential Psychotherapy™; a straightforward methodological processes for resolving symptoms and problems. As a member of both the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration and the Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy I'm keen to do just that: advance psychotherapy through exploring integration.



Having been in the position of needing help in the past, I have an appreciation for how you might be feeling right now. In my work I aim to be professional yet down-to-earth so that you can feel both comfortable and confident in the support you're getting. If you want to know more, please explore some of my testimonials or head over to my blog Under The Surface: The Art and Science of Psychotherapy or the Sequential Psychotherapy™ website.



When I first went to see Sebastian I need to admit I was very sceptical and thought a couple of things. Firstly, this is daft, I’m stronger than this, and mainly, damn, I’ve officially flipped; I’m going to a psychotherapist!! I was completely put at ease and soon we got to the bottom of why I was feeling the way I was. I’ve not only regained control of my life but now have the tools to deal with anything that comes my way. Sometimes we just need someone to help join the dots and Seb did great for me. If it worked for a sceptic like me, it can honestly work for everyone. Great guy, great service, you are immediately put at ease, I would highly recommend him if you need to get yourself back on track or can't see the track at all!



C.D. - Work Stress / Performance Anxiety







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